About Anna Carla

Anna Carla Swimwear is sophisticated, bold and exciting. It throws aside body insecurities and ultimately makes women feel special every time they wear it. Anna Carla

My name’s Anna Carla, I am an artist and designer who has created a unique swimwear label from the glorious golden sands of Western Australia.

Originally from England, I have always been inspired by the beautiful colours and intricacy of nature and with my abstract paintings forming the unique swimwear prints, this beauty is expressed in every piece of my swimwear I create.

In 2011 I graduated from a Contemporary Fine Art degree. As an exhibiting visual artist, I would see people’s eyes light up as they saw my bright paintings. I just loved how I could make people so happy with my art and it became my dream to bring happiness to people across the world.

The beach has always been my most favourite place. The warm sand and glistening ocean view, it fills me with sheer delight just thinking about it. In 2014, I began designing women’s swimwear to inspire that same feeling in women everywhere.

With limited edition prints, vintage design and sun protective attributes, my alternative swimwear is completely unique to other brands on the market, designed to empower women to discover their beach beauty and celebrate the sunshine in style.

Anna Carla ♥ ☼